Friday, 9 December 2011

Bare Minerals SPF 15 Original Foundation Review

Up until around 18 months ago I absolutely hated foundation.  Mainly because all liquid foundations did at least one of the following to my face:

1.)  The colour would 'bunch up' and rub off my face as quickly as I applied it
2.)  It would stick to any dry patches and make them stand out even more
3.)  I could never get a colour that matched my skin tone - pale but not a yellowy white shade the palest foundations usually come in!

Then I started to use Collection 2000s Mineral Foundation which solved the majority of the above problems.  I find powders so much easier to apply than creams.  But then the inevitable happened - it was discontinued.  My hunt began for a replacement mineral foundation...

In the end I settled for the original and most famous brand - Bare Minerals.  It comes in a wide range of colours all of which seem to adapt to a range of skin tones.  I went for Fairly Light and although pale it still has a natural warmth to it.

Application wise it is sooooo simple.  The tag line is 'swirl tap buff'.  Basically you tip the teeniest bit of powder into the lid, then using a brush swirl the minerals in the lid, tap off any excess then 'buff' into your face.  This does take a little practice to get the right coverage but when you do you're left with a gorgeous even skin tone with no tell tale foundation lines. 

For me it gives that perfect balance between looking natural and made up at the same time.  Strangely for a powder it gives a nice fresh sheen to the skin.

The other plus side of this foundation is the natural ingredients.  Apparently its supposed to be so gentle on the skin you can sleep in it (though I haven't tried this since I am so in love with removing it with Liz Earles C&P!)

I am now a convert to most of the range but this foundation especially has saved me a lot of money on wasted liquid foundation products.  It retails at around £20 for 9g but as it lasts at least 6 months it actually works out quite a bargain!


  1. I absolutely love my Bare Minerals foundation and have been using it for around four months. I was lucky enough to pick up a back up on Feel Unique on sale post Christmas for just £14 :) x

  2. Wow bargain! I always tend to buy them in collections so I get better value but £14 is fantastic. x