Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bargain Beauty Alert!!! Lacura Aqua Complete Multi Intensive Serum

More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better results and this serum definitley proves that.  This has been a favourite of mine for around 2 years now.  You'll probably have seen rave reviews of it in the newspapers as a rival to Boots Protect and Perfect serum.  The difference is the price.  At £3.49 for 50ml at Aldi, it is incredible value.

The packaging of this product doesn't make it feel cheap at all.  The bottle is packaged in a box and the bottle itself is quite weighty and made of glass. I guess those who don't like excessive packaging won't feel the same!

Now for the serum itself.  It has a lovely light texture and one pump smooths easily across your whole face and neck.  There is an anti-ageing version also which I am guessing is slightly more heavier.  I have a few faint frown lines on my forehead and after a few weeks of using this I could notice they had reduced.  You can use this on its own or under a day cream if you have drier skin.

For me this is a lovely light everyday product that has impressive results for its price - what more could you ask for for £3.49!

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