Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bored Nail Experimentation!

I've been ill and off work for the past few days and today I was starting to feel the cabin fever setting in.  My partner has been lovely and spoiling me rotten by supplying me with goodies and a gorgeous bunch of flowers.  However, whilst he was at work I thought I would try out a new nail look to kill the boredom.  Here it is:

I've noticed a lot of people doing the 'ring finger manicure' and thought I'd give it a try with a few subtle colours first.  I've used Nails Inc Birdcage Walk (a pale nude pink) on the ring finger, then The Southbank (solid pale grey) on the rest.  Then for an added bit of glitz I used Leighton Denny's Millionaire as a top coat.  This is a lovely shimmery lilac/pink but as it is very sheer I rarely use it on its own, more for 'cocktailing' colours.  Here are the products below:

Please excuse the state of the bottles - they are probably my oldest Nails Inc!  I think I'll give this look a go again - I do have around 60 bottles of nail polish to experiment with currently!!!  Let me know what you think :)


  1. Great results! These 2 colour work perfectly together. Love the Leighton one!! :)

    1. Thanks Alex :) One of your ring finger manicures inspired me! I might try some bolder colours next time. x