Monday, 23 January 2012

The Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Box Review

The Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Box was another gorgeous gift from my partner for Christmas.  As you can see it is absolutely HUGE so perfect for real Santuary fans like me!

It all comes in a beautiful hard vanity case which has a mirror in the lid.  I was put off buying this for a gift for someone else as the box is quite bulky, but for me, its perfect!  It fits nicely on my bathroom shelf and best of all it fits all of the products with space for more!  I use mine to store some of my most used 'reserve' products.

My favourite product inside has to be The Sanctuary Body Butter.  This is a whopping 300ml.  The smell is absolutely gorgeous and its very moisturising without being greasy.

My second favourite is the Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak (250ml).  With the same signature Sanctuary scent a squeeze of this produces lots of creamy bubbles.

The Sanctuary Body Wash (250ml) smells equally as lovely but doesn't produce very much lather.  However, it does contain little pink pearls of jojoba and sesame oil which moisturise the skin.

I wouldn't usually buy a body scrub but the Sanctuary Body Scrub is one of the nicest I've tried.  It contains pumice which sounds harsh but I like to feel like a scrub is doing something!  It doesn't feel too rough though and again it leaves the skin nicely scented and beautifully smooth.

I haven't used the Sanctuary Intensive Heel Balm yet but having a sniff it is the one product that doesn't have the usual Sanctuary scent.  Instead, it smells fresh and minty like most foot products.  The balm looks super rich which is probably why its smaller in size and I'm sure it would be fantastic massaged in and then popping a pair of socks on for an overnight treat.

Finally, a travel size Sanctuary Body Lotion was included.  This is not as rich as the Body Butter but absorbs very quickly make it a nice daily treat.

Oh, and I forgot!  A snazzy shower cap for those long baths when you don't want to get your hair wet! hehe  I've never bothered with one before but this has actually proved very handy!
The Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Box is my idea of a really indulgent girly gift.  The box jam packed full of goodies makes me smile everytime I walk in my bathroom!  The individual items are affordable enough to top up myself and the scent is very me.  Warm, comforting and indulgent.  10 out of 10!


  1. I received this too! I love it x

    1. It's great isn't it? I'm a bath rather than a shower kinda girl so get to use these products every night! x

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