Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare Review

On Wednesday I received this gorgeous Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare collection from their lovely PR department.

Skincare is probably my main beauty interest at the moment and I have been eyeing up this brand for a while on QVC.  They promise to combine natural and botanical ingredients with proven science.  This appealed to me as I love the luxury and scents of botanicals but at the same time I want to see visible results.

Included in this little package was Intense Hydration Booster, Overnight Exfoliation Booster, Eye Recovery and Overnight Facial .  All are paraben free which means they get extra brownie points from me!  The packaging is very classy and subtle - it definitely looks like an expensive and serious skincare range and it is with prices starting at £9.50 for 5mls!!!  However, I believe if it works its worth every penny.

The first product I tried was the Intense Hydration Booster.  This is a very light clear fluid which they suggest you can either apply alone or mixed with your usual skincare.  As I was following this with the other products I applied on its own to avoid product overload!  This absorbed very quickly and the scent was very light and natural.  I like the idea of having the option of mixing this with my usual moisturiser for an added 'boost' at this time of year.

Following this I applied the Overnight Exfoliation Booster.  I was really looking forward to trying this as it promises to decrease blemishes and uneven skintone which is my current skin complaint.  Another light clear fluid, you apply this to the face, neck and hands and it gently exfoliates overnight avoiding the need for abrasive scrubbing which I find can make any redness in my skin worse.  They suggest only using this 3 nights a week and because of this I was worried that it would be too powerful for my skin.  However, this was definitely not the case.  In the morning my skin looked even, calm and smoothed.

The Eye Recovery is a really nice light textured eye cream that is simple to apply.  It smooths on beautifully and doesn't leave any greasy residue.  Its ingredients include aloe vera and iris to reduce dark circles, puffiness and lines.  Although I do not have any lines around my eyes as of yet it did leave my eye area lovely and soft without any oiliness.

Finally, as recommended I finished this regime with a layer of Overnight Facial.  This feels much more like a skin oil/serum and I was worried it would leave my skin greasy.  After massaging in one drop (you really only need a very small amount) it absorbed well yet your skin feels as if it has a silky veil over it.  The smell of this product is slightly stronger than the others and may put sensitive noses off but I really loved the botanical smells of jasmine and rose oil.  This product is a CEW winner and the results prove why.  I woke up the next morning with gorgeous baby soft skin with no residue.

My first impressions of Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare is that the products are an amazing way to give your exisiting skincare routine a luxurious boost.  All 4 products have left my skin feeling smooth, well moisturised and plumped.  You really only need a small amount of each as they are quite potent - I recommend as a treat for skin particularly at this time of the year when it needs that extra boost.

Have you tried any of Sarah Chapman's products?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Haven't heard of these but they sound really interesting and very reasonably priced too.

  2. You don't get much for your money volume wise but they work out economical because of the potency. Gorgeous luxury skincare products. x