Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Leighton Denny Renovate Review

As some of my readers will already know, I'm a bit of a Leighton Denny fan.  This is particularly true of his treatments as they are the only ones that have come close to fixing my poorly nails!  I was using Leighton Denny BioBuild for a while and you can see my previous review of this here.  This is a great treatment regime and my nails were feeling stronger but I still had a real problem with peeling.

My next move was to swipe Leighton Denny's Renovate from my man (don't ask me why he had some - he has perfect nails!) All this consists of is a teeny tube of nail cream and a duo buffer.  First you remove the ridges using the buffer then you massage the teeniest dot of cream into each nail.  When this has absorbed, you use the shining side of the buffer to seal in the cream and waterproof your nails.  You repeat the cream and shining every morning and night.

This stuff has REALLY worked.  I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and finally my nails have grown enough so as I can file off the peeling edges.  They are well on their way to being long and strong like they were when I was a teenager!  They also look lovely and healthy and pink because of the buffing.

What I love most about this treatment is how simple it is to use.  There's nothing that needs removing so you can avoid using damaging nail varnish remover until your nails are completely sorted.  I am really hoping this continues to work for me!  Then I get to try out my new Leighton Denny colours...

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