Thursday, 15 March 2012

O.P.I. Best of the Best Review

Another lovely present from Christmas I have only just got round to reviewing!  I love O.P.I. minis - they mean you can try a wide variety of colours without worrying about not using up a huge bottle!  This set is particularly good as the Best of the Best collection includes exactly what it says - 5 of O.P.I.s most popular colours.  Each is beautiful glossy and highly pigmented.  Here is a quick rundown of the shades (left to right)

Big Apple Red - A classic creme red that every girl should own.  Perfect for retro 1950s style manicures.

I'm Not Really a Waitress - Random name!  But my absolute favourite :)  A stunning shimmering deep red.  I really loved wearing this over the festive season.

You Don't Know Jacques! - A creamy taupe.  Taupes seem to be really popular at the moment as a classy alternative to the french manicure.  I think this colour is lovely but unfortunately it makes my hands look a little red :(

Russian Navy - This is I'm Not Really a Waitresses blue sister.  A gorgeous deep shimmering blue.  Needs a few coats to show its full beauty.

Lincoln Park After Dark - I'd been lusting after this for a while having seen it on a quite a few QVC presenters nails.  A deep purple on screen but in the flesh it's almost black!  Still lovely though.

O.P.I. Best of the Best is a great collection to try if you haven't used their colours before.  All five shades are great and I can see myself using them all up!


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  2. HI great post! Really soon I am going to do a post on this collection including all ten colors and many dupes! Please check it out, I would greatly appreciate it. :)