Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday DIY! Easy Furniture Update

This is not one of my usual beauty posts.  However, inspired by Peonies and Sweet Peas amazing furniture revamp with wallpaper I decided to give it a go myself!  I have 2 rather nice but plain bedside cabinets that looked like this:

Wanting to tie them in with my duck egg blue bedroom I went to Wilkinsons and grabbed myself some (rather large!) wallpaper samples.  I also bought myself a can of spray adhesive.  I wasn't sure this would be strong enough to do the job but so far so good!  In fact, it went so well I decided to make a matching lampshade for my bedside lamp.  Here is the finished result:

Everytime I look at them I smile!  It only took me around 45 mins and I'm really pleased with the result :D  At only £3 for the spray adhesive it was a complete bargain too!  Now I've got to try and stop myself from wallpapering all of my furniture....

Have you got any quick and cheap ways of updating interiors and furniture?