Monday, 23 April 2012

Morrocan Oil Review

Now I know you've probably seen a hundred reviews on Morrocan Oil but I really do love it so had to throw my penny worth in!

My hair type is fine but lots of it!  It also has a slight wave.  Therefore, I am always looking for a product that moisturises and smooths my dry ends without weighing it down.  The obvious solution would be a good conditioner and a serum.  However, I've never managed to get this right and my hair either ends up fluffy without product or weighed down with it.

The idea of Morrocan Oil didn't exactly wow me.  An oil didn't sound like the best product for hair that needed taming but also oomph.  However, this stuff is amazingly light (it also comes in a light formula which I am still to try!)  Just one 5p piece sized blob smoothed through damp hair and taadaaa!  Shiny soft amazing smelling hair that doesn't even feel like it has product in it!

Once my hair is dried after using Morrocan Oil my split ends are less visible and I definitley think its prevent more from forming.  The added bonus of this product is its gorgeous smell - if it was a perfume I'd adore it!

10 out of 10 for Morrocan Oil from me - this has become my hero haircare product!  The downside being I believe it is quite pricey.  However, working in a college where there is a hairdressing department that stocks it means I get huge discounts (and even the odd freebie!) :D

Have you tried any other argan oil products?  Do they match up to Morrocan Oil?


  1. I haven't tried Aragan oil yet, mainly as I have been worried it would weigh my fine hair down. I may give it a try if it makes my dry, processed hair smoother though.

    1. Maybe the Light version of Morrocan Oil is worth a go? The key is a tiny bit goes a long way and only use it on wet hair! x