Monday, 7 May 2012

Avene Skincare Samples

Currently I am experiencing pretty hormonal skin :(  Whereas my skin used to be bordering on the dry side at the moment it has gone crazy!  Though I'm only getting one or two blemishes it's enough to bother me.  Researching online I saw lots of recommendations for Avene skincare.  Though I am currently very happy with my Liz Earle regime I wanted to try Avene as an alternative.

If you visit their website and create an account and answer a short questionnaire regarding your skin type they send you a tailor made sample selection!  All in this neat little package:

The two products recommended for me were the Extremely Gentle Cleanser and the Antirougeurs Jour Cream.  The samples are only 5mls but nicely packaged in boxes and tubes - I prefer this to sachets as I feel I can get more than one use out of them.

I'm planning on using the cleanser in the morning and will follow up with a proper review depending on how I get on with it.

I have already tried the Antirougeurs Jour Cream and I can already tell this a really gentle but effective moisturiser.  I did feel like I needed to use more than my usual moisturiser as it seemed to disappear immediately into my skin.  However, I quite liked this as there was no greasy residue at all which can be a cause of blemishes.  The moisturiser also has a very slight green tinge to it to reduce any redness from blemishes or broken capillaries.  I was surprised at how well this worked.

I expected Avene to be quite expensive but at £8 for a 200ml cleanser and £14.50 for 40ml of the moisturiser this actually works out cheaper than my Liz Earle.  I am definitely thinking of using this as my emergency skincare for when my skin is misbehaving.


  1. I remember ordering these ages ago but i still haven't received them... Ummm... Avene never disappoint, top quality skin care definitely!! Xx

    1. Hmm... maybe give them a call? I really like them :) x

  2. I signed up for this last week. Cant wait to try it :)

    1. It should be reasonably quick (for a freebie!) I think mine came within 2 weeks? x