Saturday, 16 June 2012

Garnier Summer Body Lotion Review

Despite this awful weather in June I'm wishfully starting to prepare my body for some sunnier days.  I try to avoid real sun tanning but at the same time I've never got the knack of fake tanning.  If I had the money I'd probably get it done professionally but even then I'm a bit nervous of the 'tangoed' look often sported here in Essex.

This is where gradual tanners come into there own for me.  I have tried both Johnsons and Dove and both have been fine for me.  They still have a slight whiff of normal tanning products but the results were even and non-streaky.  Garnier Summer Body in my opinion is even better.

Superdrug were selling a huge 400ml bottle of Garnier Summer Body at the bargain half-price of around £3.50 so I had to give it a go.  I even bought a tanning mitt to improve the results and avoid the dreaded orange palms.  I could only find it in the shade 'deep'.  This sounded a bit scary for someone with decidedly pale skin like me but I gave it a shot.

After just two applications of Garnier Summer Body the edge had been taken off my pasty skin with a lovely golden shade.  No streaks to be seen, not even extra dark patches on my knees or feet!  The scent is lovely too - it is enriched with apricots and this fragrance comes through pretty much masking any nasty tanning smells.

The only negative I found with Garnier Summer Body is how it wears off.  With this nasty weather I've been covering up and to be honest, stopped topping up my tan.  After a few days I noticed at the tops of my arms I looked as if I had some kind of pigmentation problem!  All I can suggest is keep applying or exfoliate to avoid uneven fading.

Even full price at around £7 Garnier Summer Body is a bargain gradual tanner because of the huge bottle.  I'll be sticking to this one!


  1. Great review, I love this product also. I have just done a review on this product myself; check out the link below for a read.
    I love the colour pay off and the smell, it’s definitely one of my top beauty favourites atm. x

    1. Will definitely check yours out! :) X