Sunday, 24 June 2012

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Review

There are some beauty items that I use so often that I forget to review them as they are not a novelty but a necessity to me!  Liquid eyeliner is one of these products.  Previously I have not paid much attention to the brand of liquid eyeliner I use.  As long as it it jet black and fluid enough I'm happy.  Natural Collection does a suprisingly good one for a super bargain price of £1.99.

Once you have the hang of a traditional liquid eyeliner you tend not to stray.  However, I have been intrigued by 'felt tip pen' versions.  I was tempted to try Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen as I have been very impressed by both their lipstick and mascara.

The application of S&G Supercat Eyeliner Pen took a while for me to get the hang of as it is not as 'liquid' as I am used to.  Instead of the usual one stroke sweep, you literally draw on the line.  However, drag is minimal and the black is very deep so no need to go over your work!  The result is a very clean line.  I also noticed it stays put a lot better than my old eyeliner.  No flaking whatsoever!

Interestingly, you seem to get a lot more use out of this pen compared with the traditional brush and tube.  After around 4 months of using this pen it shows no signs of drying out thanks to its secure cap.  Furthermore, I imagine this is a lot more hygenic as you are not introducting bacteria into the product. 

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen is a fantastic product for those who are not used to applying liquid eyeliner and want to try out the retro cat-eye flick.  For me this is an everyday must.  However, I do like the precision a more traditional brush gives you.

What formula do you prefer your eyeliner in?  Liquid, pen or pencil?


  1. Sounds interesting! I'm not a huge fan of felt tip eyeliners, I prefer gel or sponge tip like the loreal superliner- that is one fool proof product! X

    1. I forgot about gel liners! I haven't tried these yet but really do prefer the precision of a brush. x

  2. i am a big fun of soap and glory, but i've never tried their eyeliner... now i need to! thanks for sharing!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know.
    see you around!

  3. Definetly liquid!! My fav ones!