Saturday, 15 September 2012

Liz Earle Signature Foundation Review

This week Liz Earle launched their full colour cosmetics range following on from their initial few releases including the much talked about Skin Tint, which unfortunately disappointed me.  The new extended range includes a Signature Foundation.

With the months Liz Earle newsletter I received a sample of the Signature Foundation.  Super excited about the possibility that this might impress me more than the Skin Tint I tried it straight away.  Luckily my pregnancy has given me very happy skin which means I'm more likely to experiment at the moment.

Unfortunately, I hated this from the moment it touched my skin :(  The shade I received was Nude - apparently suitable for fair to medium skin tones.  I am quite fair though not exactly porcelain skinned so I assumed this shade would work for me.  Instead, I was left streaky and orange faced!  No amount of blending was going to solve that one.  This didn't stay on my face long enough for me to judge its staying power but it does seem to be a full coverage foundation.

The texture of the foundation is pleasant enough.  Not too thick and not too runny making it easy to apply.  Overall, I think it is the pigment in this foundation that really doesn't work for me.  There are 8 other shades available so maybe I just needed to try the lightest (Porcelain).

I hate to slate my favourite skincare brand but I am really not getting along with their cosmetics range so far!

Has anyone else tried this foundation yet?  What are your opinions?

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  1. oh what a shame... I have a sample of this to try and had high hopes... will see how it works for me. xx