Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter

Palmers Coco Butter Samples

As with all mums to be I have been paranoid about developing stretch marks from day one!  After scouring online reviews the most popular anti-stretch mark products appeared to be Bio-Oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter.  I originally setttled for the pricier but very popular Bio-Oil.  I am sure this is very good at removing scars and stretch marks but seeming as I hadn't already developed any I decided to switch to a product which I find more pleasant to use.

Enter Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter.  This tub of yumminess ranges in price from £3 - £5 - what a bargain!  I was half expecting this to be a thick moisturiser like most body butters.  However, it feels and looks like pure cocoa butter.  You scoop a finger or two out of this butter and melt it in your hands before massaging it all over your tummy and other expanding bits!

Best of all Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter smells just like CHOCOLATE!  Yum, yum, yum.  Aside from cocoa butter it contains vitamin e, elastin, lavendar, collagen and even argan oil making this a lovely luxurious bedtime treat.

I prefer this pampering way of holding back the stretch marks but will definitely be holding onto my Bio Oil incase they do start to appear!  Currently I am very pleased that at 23 weeks with an every expanding bump my tummy does not resemble a road map yet! :D

I also quite like the packaging of this tummy butter with its tin lid.  The large tub makes it easy to scoop out every last little bit of buttery goodness.

I'd definitely recommend Palmers Cocoa Tummy Butter to both mummies to be and anyone who has stretch marks from weight gain and loss.  And even if it doesn't work for you at least you are left smelling yummy and feeling soft and smooth!

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