Saturday, 27 October 2012

New O.P.I. DS Indulgence and DS Luxurious Review

Yesterday was Eid and my partner picked these two amazing new O.P.I. shades from their designer collection for my present :D

L:R DS Indulgence DS Luxurious

How gorgeous are these!  I am a big fan of metallic nail polishes and these have an extra added bit of bling as they are infused with diamond dust. 

These two shades are perfect for autumn.  DS Indulgence (left) is a rich brick red with a gold glitter fleck throughout.  DS Luxurious (right) is a vivid flame orange also with a gold shimmer.  What I love about these shades is that they seem to glow as you can see from my swatch of DS Luxurious below:

DS Luxurious

Both shades are high shine and give great coverage with 2 coats.  I'm not sure whether its because of the diamond content but they are also very long lasting!  I usually have a problem with peeling nail polish but these haven't even started to chip yet.

These two shades are actually my first full sized O.P.I. polishes in my huge nail varnish collection!  I have several minis but I am really impressed by the brush in these larger bottles.  The flat design allows for easy and neat application.

I think I am going to get loads of use out of these two O.P.I. shades as they really suit my skin tone and are great for the upcoming party season.

Have you tried any of the O.P.I. designer shades?  Which is your favourite?

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