Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Death of the Beauty Box?

When I first started blogging I discovered Beauty Boxes.  Namely the Feel Unique Beauty Box (now discontinued)  The idea totally captured my imagination - a little parcel of treats every month with new and high end beauty brands to try.  I only received a total of 3 boxes before Feel Unique sadly cancelled their service.

I say sadly... however, had they continued I am not sure my subscription would have done despite having made good use of the 3 boxes I did receive.  Some bloggers, such as myself do not regularly receive free samples from PR companies to review.  Therefore, beauty boxes seem like an affordable way to try out and review the latest beauty products.  However, this quickly evolves into a way of collecting a selection of random samples that you would never have considered buying in the first place! 

Furthermore, a lot of beauty bloggers have talked of how subscribers have been hooked in with fantastic boxes only for the next month to be given a pile of, well...  A prime example of this was the recent Selfridges Lucky Bag.  A few months earlier Selfridges sold a Beauty Box at the same price of £15 and included some amazing products including a full sized Stila One Step Correct.  With high hopes of similar products in the Lucky Bag many purchasers were left disappointed with bargain basement products that would look out of place on the shelves of Selfridges.  A clever but nasty marketing ploy?

Luckily, my Selfridges Lucky Bag was quite reasonable but the experience of my friends has put me off ever buying a random beauty box/bag again.  I would much rather take my hard earned cash and buy one well researched product a month and get full use out of it!

How do you feel about beauty boxes?  Are you still in love with them or do you think they have run their course?

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