Monday, 17 December 2012

Nails Inc Couture - Personalised Polish!

As you saw a few days ago I received some amazing pressies for our little one expected on 8th January.  However, I also received an amazing gift from my good friend Leigh for a little bit of pampering - Nails Inc Couture.

Nails Inc Couture allows you to create a personlized bottle of nail varnish from the cap right through to the shade label.  Leigh picked Connaught Square 3D Glitter Special Effects for my shade - I love it as I don't have many glitter polishes in my collection at the moment.  It's a fine blue glitter with larger purple flakes in it.  Here it is with 2 coats.  Next time I might try 3 or 1 over a solid shade.

And here is the personalized bottle!  I love the blue diamante cap that matches the shade of polish perfectly.

What was a really sweet touch was the 'Yummy Mummy' stickers on the base of the polish and the box!  Meaning even once the varnish is all gone I'll remember the occassion it was bought for :)

I think these Nails Inc Couture bottles are the perfect gift for the girl who has everything - especially for nail varnish fans who have every shade going.

Have you ordered any Nails Inc Couture for gifts this Christmas?  You can spend hours experimenting here!

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