Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The 18th Day of Beauty Advent

YAYYYY!!!!  This is THE item I have been waiting for in my calendar.  Just before I ordered this calendar I was about to order my first tin of SteamCream after hearing great things about it - SteamCream is an all natural and very affordable multi purpose moisturiser.  However, seeing a full sized tin came included in the calendar really swayed it for me!  Here is my tin:

I love that the tins are collectible and recyclable.  This particular design is called Kani Lehua which features a tropical leaf print.  I can see myself choosing a different design each time just for the cuteness if I get on with this cream!  I can't wait till my Liz Earle Skin Repair runs out so I can start on this :)
Have you tried SteamCream before?  Does it live up to the hype?


  1. Oh wow, your tin was so pretty, green is my fave colour. I love Steamcream, although I am a sucker for packaging, so maybe that's why ;)


    1. Yeah it was the packaging that tempted me too! Have just started using this am liking it so far :) x

  2. I so wanted to like this cream (mostly so I could stock up on the tins) but alas I didn't see what all the fuss was about. I'm thinking now I'll use it as a hand cream rather than a day moisturiser. Let me know if you see any long term benefit. Sometimes I feel I give up on these things too fast. I guess I'm waiting for that miracle.