Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Boots Hello Kitty Liberty Range

This year I received some of the most adorable Christmas gifts yet from the Boots Hello Kitty Liberty RangeLiberty and Hello Kitty joined forces to create a cute and stylish selection of bath and beauty products and I was lucky enough to receive the compact mirror, lip tints and Box of Treats from my mum and youngest sister.

Firstly, here are the lip tints:

The box itself is gorgeous enough -  I can't bring myself to throw it away and want to keep the lip tints in it permanently though I'm sure I'll get fed up of that after a while!
Here are the individual tins of lip tint.  I love the Liberty print which is paisley in style.  They have cleverly combined Hello Kitty's cute little face into all of this ranges prints.

And here are the lip tints themselves!  I was pleasantly surprised by these as I thought they were more balms than lip colours.  However, they are more of a lipstick texture yet still moisturising.  The colours and subtle but very flattering in pale pink, peach shimmer and coral.
This is the compact mirror I received from my youngest sister:

I can't get enough of compact mirrors - I have one in every handbag (and that's a lot of compacts!)  The Liberty cherry/floral print on the mirror and holder is more retro than that of the lip tints but I still love it!  The bright pink also makes it easy for me to find at the bottom of my bag!
What I love most about this compact however is the bronze etched back giving this mirror a really heavy, expensive look. 

I'll be reviewing the Hello Kitty Liberty Box of Treats in another post alongide a Soap and Glory and Ted Baker review...
Did you receive any of the Hello Kitty Liberty range for Christmas?  Or have you snapped any up in the sale?  I think it's nearly all gone!

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