Friday, 26 April 2013

Mini Selfridges Haul

Some of you may know I had two horrendous experiences with Selfridges just before Christmas. Firstly, I purchased their infamous 'unlucky bag' and secondly the Origins Christmas presents I ordered 5 weeks late AFTER Christmas!

By way of apology I received a £25 voucher which I was very pleased with :) However, it's actually quite hard to pick something in this price range from Selfridges! Especially with their hefty £4.95 delivery charge.

Eventually I settled for a 30ml MAC Strobe Cream and an Archpelago Paramour travel candle.

I've been wanting a liquid highlighter for a while and is heard good things about the MAC Strobe Cream. The 30ml size is perfect as I can never imagine using this all up. There is a full size available but apparently the packaging is harder so you waste some of the product. MAC Strobe Cream has a lovely pearly finish with purple undertones. I like to use it to highlight brow bones, cheek bones and my Cupid's bow. I know lots of other people like to mix it with full coverage foundations too to lighten them.

I chose the Archipelago candle as I'm a sucker for scented candles and the Paramour fragrance sounded yummy to me - pomegranate, papaya and mango. It also appealed as it apparently has 55 hours of burn time for only £8.50! Archipelago candles are soy wax candles which are supposed to burn more cleanly and efficiently. This is where I was disappointed. My candle smokes like mad! I've tried trimming the wick but this hasn't solved it. Maybe I got a duff one? Anyway, it's a shame as it throws a beautiful scent.

Overall I'm pleased with my little freebies and delivery from Selfridges was good this time. However, I'm still not sure i will continue to shop online there!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

DIY L'Oreal Wild Ombré

I've been considering the ombré look for a while now and being on maternity leave seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

I chose the kit suitable for dark brown hair. They suggest applying the lightener from between your ears and chin. However, I started at my chin as I wasn't sure a lighter shade would look great next to my skin tone. I left it on for 30 minutes - half way between the min and max times as I was terrified of turning platinum blonde!

As you can see the resulting colour is definitely not blonde. More of a light coppery brown. This actually probably suits me better than blonde but is bordering on ginger!

The other problem is its difficult to achieve a graduated effect. In places the line is quite harsh.

What do you think? Have you tried the ombré trend? Do you think I should go back to my natural colour?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


After a while away from blogging due to the birth of my little princess, I thought I'd make a return with my first ever 'face of the day' post.

Safiya is currently taking long morning naps so I am back to my old beauty routine whilst it lasts!

Here are the products I used for this look:

Base: bare minerals prime time, bare minerals original foundation in fairly light

Cheeks: no 7 mineral blush in soft damson layered with 17 shimmer brick in pink bronze

Eyes: collection liquid eyeliner in ebony and collection skyscraper mascara

Brows: MUA clear mascara, Rimmel brow pencil in dark brown

Lips: bare minerals natural lipgloss in peach cobbler

I hope you enjoyed my first FOTD post :)